January 11, 2018

We often consider indoor cats largely resistant to the changing seasons. However, cats, indoor and outdoor, are as affected as we are by the changing weather. Each season affects their appetite, mood and physical features uniquely. Many of the ways we keep ourselves warm and in good spirits during the winter can benefit your cat as well! This overlap allows for you and your cat to enjoy the winter together. You and your cat many have more in common than you think! Here are some ways you and your cat can enjoy being warm and cosy these cold winter months! 



cat in window



Warm and cosy nook

Regardless of how much you choose to heat your home, both you and your cat can benefit from a designated warm, cosy space. If you both spend most of your time on the couch,  add another layer of blankets to your shared space. Think about purchasing a fleece throw blanket to keep both of you snug as a bug during the long winter nights. Would you rather spend time in bed? Consider moving your cat's bed from the floor, as this is the coldest part of the house, at up onto your bed or nearby. It's important for both you and your cat that your favorite places to curl up are away from drafty spaces. If you want a technological upgrade, consider an electrically heated cat house or blanket for you.



cat in chair



Staying Active

Nothing is easier than hibernating in the winter and cuddling up with a warm cup of tea and a book. However, this is not in your or your cat's benefit. Felines and humans alike need to make sure that they stay active in winter as well. If you have a leash for your cat and he or she enjoys going outside, think about taking them for a short walk in the snow. Make sure to wash his or her paws off when he or she is back inside. This clears irritants from ice and snow! Don't love going out in the cold? There is plenty of exercise to do around the house. Even if it's simply taking twenty minutes every day to play your cat's favorite games. Maybe they like hiding in the laundry pile or chasing their most beloved toy? Is there a favorite song you could both dance to? Any way that both of you can move around and expend some extra energy together is a great way to keep fit during the more lethargic of months. Indoor cats, just like you, need stimulation especially during these colder months so think about how you can break your routine and keep things interesting.



cat, book, nuts, tea on bed



Homemade treats

Winter can be the most dangerous time for expanding waistlines. Some say that cats will eat more during the winter months out of boredom just like us. Others say that cats need a little more calories to keep warm during the winter. The best diet for your cat is the one that is outlined by your own veterinarian and is suited for his or her individual dietary needs. If your cat is able to have some extra calories during the winter, stay warm in the kitchen by making some favorite homemade treats. Cooking in the kitchen will also get you and your cat up and moving. Together you can make some nice memories and stay healthy together! 



cat on bed


Dry Air & Drafty Windows

The dryness of winter air affects not only you but your cat as well. A humidifier is a great way to reintroduce moisture back into the air. Depending on your heating, you can also leave damp clothes on your radiator. If that isn't an option, at least make sure to air out your home or apartment at least once a day for several minutes to refresh the air supply. If your cat enjoys sitting on their favorite windowsill, make sure that there isn't a draft coming through the window. Staying warm and dry is the key to making sure you and your feline family member don't succumb to winter's usual onslaught of illnesses. 


cat on bed


With these tips in mind, you and your cats can have a wonderful winter together. Stay warm and stay royal!  








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