November 15, 2017

Thanksgiving is the perfect day for family and friends to take time out of their busy individual schedules to gather and share food and memories together. Since the days before Thanksgiving are full of the hustle and bustle of preparation, it's easy to forget how to include your furry family members in the festivites. The good news is there are many simple ways to allow them to celebrate with you. Due to the chaos of Thanksgiving Day, it may seem that your dog would be best left in a quiet room to have a peaceful day. For some dogs, this is case. However for most dogs, they enjoy socializing and being in on the action with the whole family.  


thanksgiving table of food


Meet & Greet the Guests

Ask yourself these questions when organizing the introductions. Will your pup be meeting family or friends that they have't seen in a long time? Will they be meeting completely new people? Will there be new dogs sharing your home?

First, let the humans get their coats off and settle in. Meeting friends and family at the door can create unnecessary anxiety or excitement for your pup and you. When the time is right, help the guests learn how to meet your pup. Depending on your dog's personality and age, show your guests the best way how to approach him.  When there are children present, take time to consider what is best for both the children and the dog. Children can have a large array of emotions and motions around dogs that can be both positive and negative. Take the time to make sure that everyone is comfortable and can have a happy day together. Once everyone has arrived and gets aquainted, this would be a good time for the dog to share in the day. Dogs are social animals and truly enjoy being part of the festive fun. 


dog outside


PAWfect Family Activites

With a myriad of ways to include our fluffy family members in the day's busy schedule, the questions isn't how but how many? Pick a few that you know your dog will enjoy and make sure that he or she has breaks of quiet time in between. Choose from some ideas below or brainstorm your own!

  • Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade: a great time for your pup to sit on a favorite friend's lap and relax
  • Game of Fetch: a Thanksgiving-themed game with a holiday themed toy! Get one of these great toys that Barkpost suggests.
  • Backyard Football: A classic Thanksgiving tradition that gets the dogs involved as well. 
  • Card Games: another great time for your pup to calm down on someone's lap
  • Hide & Seek: your pup will also have fun sniffing through the house for their favorite cousin
  • Charades: Another break for your dog to relax with family and enjoy a cuddle or two
  • Family Photo Op: Bring your pup into your Instagram pics or your large family photo. Dress your pets up in a holiday costume if they enjoy it. Find out if a costume is right for your pet here.
  • Coffee & Conversation: Pats and cuddles are much appreciated when everyone is talking around the table
  • Post-Dinner Walk: Your dod will also want to stretch and start to burn those excess calories. 


cheers with wine at a thanksgiving table


Turkey Day Treats

Food takes center stage on Thanksgiving and your pup can enjoy this part of the traditional celebration in their own way as well. Foremost, inform your visitors about which foods are appropriate for your dog to avoid any worries or health scares. If your dog has a stricter diet, put a nice bowl of treats out so that your family and friends know what is available to give your pet. With lots of cooking in the kitchen and the use of the oven, safety is an important concern. Think about keeping your dog out of the kitchen area while most of the cooking is happening. This would be a great time for them to go outside and take part in some outdoor games. It is also possible for a dog lover that is not involved in the cooking to be responsible for keeping your pup distracted from the enticing aromas. 

Regardless of if you dog dines with you and your guests or at another time of day, your pup's dinner can always be made into a Thanksgiving feast. Depending on your dog's diet there are lots of different ways to incorporate him or her into the festive eatery.

  • Dog Treats
  • Pumpkin Treats: find homemade, healthy recipes here
  • Turkey**
  • Mashed Potatoes**
  • Cranberry Sauce**
  • Macaroni and Cheese**
  • Green Beans**

**Please be aware of the possible added ingredients in these dishes that may be unsafe for pets. Read this PetMD article for more information. Please consult your veterinarian before changing any part of your pet's recommended diet. 


thanksgiving pumpkin outside


Thanksgiving is a time for all of the family, including your pets, to enjoy the festivities and make memories together. We wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving! 



Stay Royal this holiday season!  









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