March 16, 2018


 With winter almost behind us, it's time to pull back the curtains, open the windows and welcome the fresh spring air. We aren't the only ones that look forward to the beginning of spring. Cats and dogs also enjoy the warmer weather and the sights and smells of the season. Whether it's welcoming fresh air into the house, working in the garden or exploring the neighborhood, the entire family can enjoy spring together.  As the snow begins to melt and the sun appears, there are lots of things to do inside and out to ring in spring with your pet! 


dog and girl outside in garden


Enjoy the Fresh Air

All pets, and pet parents, enjoy the fresh air of spring. Whether indoor or out, there are many ways for your pets to feel a warm spring breeze on their fur. If indoors, consider airing out the house for a weekend. If the windows are safely screened, open the whole house or apartment to let the clean, crisp air blow through. Take rugs, blankets, pet beds and pillows outside to be freshened by the spring sunshine. You might find your pet enjoying the first sunbeams of spring next to the open window. If your cat is leash trained, take them for a walk to see and smell the season's first flowers. Spend some time working in the garden together. Take your pup for a walk through some neighboring woods. They will be very happy to be surrounded by all the other animals waking up for spring.  


cat on windowsill in house


Create a 'Catio' 

Designing a 'catio' for your indoor cat is the perfect way to let them safely enjoy the flora and fauna of spring. This DIY project gets the family working together to create a fun spot everyone can enjoy. Catios come in all shapes and sizes and can be tailored to your cat's specific needs and interests. Does your kitty spend all their time on the window sill watching the neighborhood birds? Consider a window box that allows them to watch the birds in the fresh air. If your cats prefer to spend most of their time snuggled up next to you, think about a larger catio that resembles a screened-in porch. Your cat can be close to you and to nature at the same time. 


cat in grass with flowers


Try A New Spring Look

Invest in a new collar. Find the perfect flower crown. Spring is the best time of year for you and your pet to get a head start on being this year's fashion statement. With greys, blues and bright colors dominating the runways, there are lots of new trends to try. Take a photoshoot together with your new looks that can be used to freshen up your Instagram, office desk or bedroom wall. Snapping pics of your new spring look let's you keep your fun memories for a lifetime. 


dog outside in fancy clothes


Plan a Picnic

Head into the backyard with snacks or into the park with a basket. Pick a location that has meaning for your furry family. Bring along some favorite homemade cat or dog treats. Make it extra special with a pup cake. If your pet enjoys company, invite friends and family and celebrate spring together. Whether it's a quiet backyard quiet time or a large, festive gathering your pet will be happy to ring in spring.    


dog outside with flowers




 Enjoy this upcoming spring with your furry friends and family and Stay Royal! 








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