March 27, 2018

Spring has officially sprung and its beautiful flowers may inspire you to do some planting of your own. If you are ready to head to your local greenhouse but are unsure which plants are safe for your pets, the ASPCA has an exhaustive list of non-toxic plants for cats and dogs. Instead of painstakingly searching through these pages of plant life, we've complied a variety of the very best indoor, outdoor and everything in between plants that are safe for your furry family members. From herbs and cut flowers to carnivorous plants and palms, there is an enormous variety of plant species that are pet-safe. Read through to see some of the best and brightest plants that the whole family can enjoy!


dog with red flower in his mouth



The beauty of growing your own herbs is in addition to a beautiful plant you have fresh ingredients all year round. Spice up your space with some pet-friendly herbs. These herbs can be planted in a large, outdoor garden patch or in a jar on the windowsill of a kitchen. Their freshness can permeate the surrounding area and help relax everyone who treks by. 


pet friendly herbs 



If you don't have a green thumb, consider succulents as a way to introduce green into your space without having to worry about watering schedules. Along with being hardy, succulents are a very popular interior design trend to furnish any space from your bathroom to bedroom. These pet-friendly options let you be anxiety-free and enjoy your living space together. 


pet friendly succulents


Indoor Plants

Liven up any room in your home with some living greenery. There is plenty of diversity when it comes to pet-friendly houseplants including some very unexpected species. Boston ferns are the perfect way to fill shady spots and African Violets bring a pop of color wherever they sit. Bamboo and Chamaedorea can be used to fill empty corners or other large spaces. Most surprisingly, while a danger to passing insects that can easily become prey, the carnivorous Venus Fly Trap is safe for cats and dogs. 


pet friendly indoor plants




Outdoor Plants

These classic outdoor plants might be familiar but are always welcomed by furry friends. Not only are these plants pet-safe but they can also be pet-entertaining. The movement of stalks in the wind create interest for pets in the garden or at the windowsill. The bright colors and wonderful fragrances are attractive to all sorts of insects which can keep your cat or dog intrigued for hours. A hand-cut bouquet is safe on the dining room table and can be enjoyed by all.   

 pet friendly outdoor plants



Whether indoor or out, pet-friendly plants can create beautiful spaces and scenery for the entire family!


Stay Royal! 







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