February 24, 2017

The 2017 New York Fashion Week (NYFW) comes to a close and leaves us inspired for the upcoming year. Here are some upcoming trends to pair with the Yabozi Royal Collection. 

Pet fashion, cat fashion, dog fashion

Back To Basics

NYFW 2017 illustrated the necessity of quality basics.  With shades of grey, white, brown and black, we saw both bottoms and tops that emphasise chic and comfortable style.  For example, a long black tunic that can be worn over jeans during the day and dressed up with black pants for a more dramatic night look.  Also, an ankle-length pant that can be worn with both tennis shoes or heels.  This emphasis on solid colors and clean lines compliments the contours of both day and night.  


Pet fashion, cat fashion, dog fashion



While black on black has always been a classic look, this year we see the rise of the blue, white, grey, etc. monochromatic outfit.  With an homage to the 90s solid pantsuits, the monochromatism of 2017 creates depth with different shades of the same color.  A personal favorite is the layering of deep greens such as greenery and kale.


Pet fashion, cat fashion, dog fashion

Street Wear

Street wear is for more than just the average Kardashian follower.  Serious designers  are on board with this casual style.  Street wear allows for creativity not only with bright colors but also textures.  We are seeing meshes and athletic wear, which usually stayed in the gym locker room, on more than one celebrity.



2017 fashion is shaping up to be comfortably, classically chic.


Stay Royal! 





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