January 30, 2018

Our pets are our most faithful, loyal and loving companions. Through the daily ups and downs, they are there no matter what life throws at us. Nothing else can brighten our days or make us smile like our furry loved ones. They seem to know exactly what we need when we are feeling blue and love us unconditionally. Therefore, it's understandable that we want to share Valentine's Day, the world's greatest day of love, with our pets too. This special holiday is the perfect time to show them how much we care. This year Valentine's Day falls on a Wednesday. With the holiday in the middle of the week, this is the perfect excuse to think about how to bring this weekday out of its usual slump and elevate it into a fun day of love. Here are four unique ways to spend an amazing evening with your pet and fur-ever Valentine. 



cat and dog cuddling


Make Paw Prints Memories

Commemorate this year's special day with a simple and family friendly craft. With this easy DIY you can show the world the paw prints that are imprinted on your heart. Making this memento will be a memory in and of itself that you both can share together. If you have salt, flour and water lying around, then you have everything you need for this easy craft. Simply mix together to create your 'clay' and then put your pet's paw or even your own hand in. Want to take it to the next level? Wait until its dry and use paint or glitter to add even more of your pet's personality to the piece. These clay paw prints also make great ornaments, home decor and more! Together, you can make memories that you can last a lifetime.


cat paw


Pet Photoshoot

Want to capture you and your furry family in the best light? Need a fun statement picture for your home or a new profile picture for social media? Plan a photoshoot with your pet! Consider a professional or DIY photoshoot that will celebrate your special bond. GoPetFriendly.com offers these tips on getting the best photos of your pets. The beauty of a photoshoot is that is can show off your personalities, interests and experiences. The photos can be serious in black and white, goofy in bold colors or anything in between. Think about using fun props that illuminate your unique quirks. Whether it's a favorite theme, season or toy, anything that is unique to you and your pet will make you both shine. These photos could become a framed statement piece in your home or a cute photo for your desk at work. The most important part of the photoshoot is to capture your unique personalities and your love for each other while having a fun time together. 


dog outdoors, black dog


Treats For Two

The classic Valentine's Day tradition of dinner for two can be a fun way for you and your pet to celebrate the holiday. Instead of thinking of this dinner as just another hectic weekday meal, consider creating a relaxing, fun environment that allows you both to enjoy your time together. Switch up your environment. If you usually eat on the couch, consider setting the table. If you are used to a more formal dinner, consider snacking on the sofa. A unique Valentine's Day dinner can be a fun way to make new memories. Here are some recipes for some homemade Valentine's Day cat and dog themed treats. If you don't have the time to create your own homemade treats, just pick up some of your pet's favorite snacks on the way home (and of course some of your own) and take the time to enjoy them together. Dinner with a loved one doesn't have to be a chore on this special day. 


human feeding cat a treat


Special Gift 

Take this day to treat your pet. Think about how they would like to receive a thoughtful gift from you. Would they like to pick out their own new toy at the pet store? Would they prefer a new toy on a quiet night in? Do they have a favorite toy that has been loved too much and needs to be replaced? What special something would mean the most to them? If you would like to take the time to make them something yourself, here are some ideas for dogs and cats. Regardless of what gift you choose, your pet will be happy to receive a thoughtful gift on this special day.  


dog with toy, dog indoors


Enjoy spending this Valentine's Day with your fur-ever Valentine! Stay Royal! 









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