August 07, 2017

 With feline trends in fashion and interior design, 2017 has given us full permission to embrace our inner 'Crazy Cat Lady'. As gimmicky cat products go out of style, we look to a future of fusion.  Cat and human can now live in a shared space with design for both in mind. There are many truly innovative and chic ways to make your home a more welcoming and relaxing space for both you and your cat and here are just a few.    


Cat in a home, interior design for cats

A Designated Relaxation Space

While a meditation corner is nothing new, making your home a peaceful oasis really does inspire creativity and calm. This new level of serenity has benefits for both your cat and you! We know that relaxation lowers our risk of blood pressure and other issues but did you know some studies say it improves memory and helps our decision making process? Of course, cats also see benefits as well.  Not only do they become less anxious but relaxation helps heal trauma and fight off illnesses. This relaxation space can be a room or any light airy corner that you find that is dedicated solely to tranquility and quiet. In this space, you can put the bustle of the day behind and pet or massage your feline friend as this relaxes both of you.


Cat Gardens

Plants are an extremely popular interior design trend this year and make every room more inviting. The world of greenery has so many benefits for both you and your cat. My favorite idea is a dual purpose cat garden.  We see a lot of examples of these sensory gardens that help stimulate and relax your cat however you can fill yours with herbs that both of you can benefit from. Here is a list of herbs that can be put in a cat garden but can also be used for cooking, teas or other things.  

  • Mint
  • Parsley
  • Thyme
  • Rosemary
  • Lemongrass

plants good for Cats


Dual-Purpose Scratching Posts & Cat Trees

Who would guess that a scratching post could add to your decor? Take a look at this cactus scratching post and see how it adds a voice to the room it stands in.  The best thing is it is actually DIY!  There are a lot of other new ideas that are coming out of the woodwork to show how a scratching post doesn't have to be hidden in the corner but can be part of the room's intentional design. We have seen the posts intergrated into architectural cat trees, couches and even a weighted vase that can hold fresh tree limbs.  


The cat tree continues where the scratching posts left off.  There are many ways a cat tree can become a room divider. It is able to be both a place for your cat to climb and a way to separate a kitchen and living space in a studio apartment. Whether geometric patterns or nature-inspired colors, a cat tree and room divider can be the main focal point of the room and set the tone for the space.  Check out this DIY divider that doubles as a cat tree and brings nature into your home! 


Cat in a home, interior design for cats


Chic Cat Beds 

Clumpy cat beds that must be hidden away when friends come over are a thing of the past. This year has given us the most options yet for trendy and chic beds that can either be a great addition to any living or bedroom.  These beds focus on clean lines, comfortable fabrics and modern geometric patterns and shapes.  


Cat in a bed, interior design for cats


Nature-Inspired Color Palate

Greens of every shade and hue are all over the interior design world this year including the color 'Kale'.  This is great news for a cat-friendly home. These colors create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere for both you and your feline friend.  Surrounding yourself with deep greens and blues reaches towards a deeper part of you and your pet allowing you to connect even more. If you don't feel up to painting the walls, then simply add blankets, pillows and other accessories.  



With these trends in mind, go forth and create a beautiful shared space for both you and your kitty. 


Stay Royal!





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