April 21, 2017

With the rise of organic, all-natural foods and products, why should the furrier members of our families be exempt from these healthy trends?  The foods that are good for us can also be great for our pets.  There are so many recipes that I love to cook for both my pups and me.  Here is a day full of favorites from chef Rachel Ray that we all eat and share together.        



Breakfast: Puppy Pancakes

Pancakes have always been a family weekend treat and now I love sharing them with my pups as well.  I also will add a little peanut butter on top for a tasty protein kick!


pancakes for breakfast

Get the recipe here  



Lunch: Carrot Soup

I love this because it is so very simple.  I will make a huge batch once a month and then pull it out of the freezer as needed either with a larger Sunday lunch or with a quick sandwich. 

soup for lunch

 Get the recipe here



Dinner: Salmon Cakes

Hungry after a long day of play outside, these salmon cakes can be eaten with several vegetable sides for a nutrient-packed dinner.  


salmon for dinner

Get the recipe here


Bon appetit and stay royal! 





Yabozi Royals Pet Bowl