August 29, 2017

This past weekend you and your cat have really spent quality time together. You've made homemade cat treats, tried some kitty yoga and then, of course, binged all the latest series on Netflix. What is left to do?... Make cat crafts with your kitty of course! We have scoured Pinterest, mecca of all things homemade, upcycled and DIY, for the coolest kitty cat craft ideas that you and your cat can have fun creating together next weekend!


cat outdoors


Cat House 2.0

While the concept of creating a little home for your cat isn't new, upcycle and DIY ideas are getting more creative by the day. Instead of just hacking a cardboard box into something that resembles a house take this time to really think about your cat. Who is he or she and where would they actually like to live in? A castle? A cave? With this information, then you are able to carefully construct a structure that fits your cat's personality.  Here are a list of great ideas if you need more specific inspiration. 


Kitty Cat Planter

As always, I maintain the refrain that the best thing for any space and anyone is plants, plants, plants. Which is great for your cat too!  Now, you have options. I prefer to grow wheatgrass as it it inexpensive, is hard to kill and grows like a weed. Your cat will love wheatgrass as well. You can plant these plants in your kitchen, yard, or balcony. Then, take it one step further put your plants in a kitty cat planter! If you have a soda bottle, scissors and some paint, then you have everything you need to get started!


Cat Headband & Jewelry 

Cats and beauty have gone hand in hand for time immemorial. Make some kitty headbands or jewelry to share your cat love and set up your beauty game. Not only will you look more like your purrfect BFF, you will be able to enjoy some time together making this jewelry. I found these tutorials to be easy, simple and cute. Here are some ideas for very minimalistic looks. 


fat cat on floor, cat indoors


Easy Clay Paw Prints

Now you can show the world the paw prints that are imprinted on your heart. Do you have salt, flour and water lying around? Then you have everything that you need for this easy craft. Simply mix together to create your 'clay' and then put your kitty's paw or even your own hand in. Together, you can make memories that you can keep for later. These clay paw prints also make great ornaments, mantel decorations and more! 



A Pillow.. Of Your Cat

Ever wish you had a plushy pillow version of your cat for when he or she isn't in the mood to cuddle? That wish can now come true. Find your best photo of your cat and continue through this tutorial. The good news is that you don't need a sewing machine and if you want to used upcycled materials it is possible. Surprise your friends and family when they come into your home, see two identical cats on the couch and assume they are seeing double. 

Cat Bum Coasters

If you enjoy crocheting and would like to take your cat love to another planet, try crocheting these cat butts. Yes, you heard that correctly. Cat bums, butts, pincushions, whatever word calls to you. Some would say provacative, some would say way too much and others would say just a great idea to keep you furniture safe from water rings.



sleeping cat, cat indoors


Kitty Cat Eye Mask

Sleep is something that both you and your cat love. This is an easy mask that's perfect for any cat nap. This mask can even be upcycled from material that you already and again can be hand-sewed. Give this craft a chance and you and your cat can both have the best sleep of your life.  


Stay Royal!






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