September 06, 2017

As a pet parent with a smart phone, thousands of helpful apps are at your fingertips. The tricky question isn't what is available to you but instead which ones would you actually use? Usually we download one, forget about it, download another and six months later download the newest one yet again. However are we even using them? No one wants to download more clutter onto their phone that they will infrequently or never use. Which pet app are not only on their phones but which ones do they actually use? Here are the top five pet apps for all aspects of your pet's life that we believe pet parents use based on their popularity in the pet tech community.


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Pet First Aid 


Did your dog injure his paw? Are you unsure if your cat ate something dangerous? This app from the American Red Cross puts lifesaving information about health and safety in the palm of any pet parent's hand. This app does everything from keeping track of each of your pets individual appointments to first aid care with images and videos for the 25 most common health crises. If this isn't enough, it provides you with emergency veterinarian contact information. There is also information about preventative care and early signs of illness. If you want to feel secure in your abilities to assist your pet in an emergency, this app will give you peace of mind.  


Pet Coach


Maybe you don't have a emergency on your hands but just a question about your dog's diet. This app from PETCO puts you in contact with verified veterinarians and other pet experts to ask advice about your pet's health, nutrition and behavior. For the worrying pet parent a second opinion is what is needed for a good night's sleep when you pet isn't feeling his or her best. By checking to see if your question has been previously posted you are able to immediately have a answer. If not, then post away. When you have more time on your hands, there are many articles about pet health and behavior that you can peruse.


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Bring Fido


Everyone's favorite website for all things at the intersection of dog and travel can now use the Bring Fido to search for information even easier. Whether it's a dog park, beach, hotel or more, this app has you covered. With the app, you are able to easily browse nearby hotels for your family's pet specifications. The Bring Fido app allows you the flexibility to rely simply on your phone for a quick day trip or longer road trip. The app broadens its information with dog-friendly events close by and neighborhood resources for groomers, sitters, walkers, veterinarians, stores and more.   


Dog Park Finder Plus

$1.99 (Free version with less information available as Dog Park Finder)

DogGoes claims that the Dog Park Finder Plus app is the "last dog park app you will ever need." This app is backed by three years of research and data. Finally, dog parents are able to have access to all the information about dog parks across the country. Great for a short trip or longer adventure, a perfect place for your dog to stretch from the car is right at your fingertips. The app provides you with on and off-leash areas, open times, restrooms, benches and more. The Plus version provides you with a map that updates automatically as your location changes.  


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BarkHappy sets itself apart by providing pet parent's to find the perfect pet friend for their pet. Going off the precedence of social apps for friendships and relationships that have exploded over the past few years, this social app is just for your dog. Maybe he needs a friend that is calm or is better in a group of active dogs. This app allows you to search your local area and meet other dogs just right for your fur family. It is also an easy way for you to become part of your local pet community and the app also allows the posting of information about lost or missing pets. 


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