September 27, 2017

 Whether it's in a house or apartment, humans and animals are sharing spaces like never before. Our things now lie jumbled together. Cat toys are left on the coffee table and dog beds have been tucked near the sofa. Our fur babies' toys, beds and more no longer need to simply sit there, they can now play a role in the design aesthetics of our home. Pet products for the home are increasingly modern and trendy. With an ever-enlarging variety of well-designed pet items, pet parents don't have to settle for the usual brown fleece dog bed or stainless steel food bowl.  We say rethink the way you and your pet's things interact in your living space ... and then redecorate! Recently, Pantone has released its 2018 color palettes and they are full of bright, beautiful and inspiring hues. If you are looking to renew your space, build a dog house or even just buy a new cat collar, scroll through these color scheme ideas for the upcoming year and embrace these bold, bright styles!  




This color palette is made up of complementary warm and cool colors. Specifically blues and oranges that coexist in a delicate balance. Whether it's nautical tones, boho accents or retro vibes, opposites do attract with this mix and match. The contrasting hues create an unexpected harmony that takes the onlooker on a journey of relaxation. This color combo would be great to paint a dog house. It could also be simply achieved by several deep blue and burnt orange pillows on a pet bed. 


blue wall


desk with laptop and fruit




Head into the forests and gardens to collect these colors. Drawing inspiration from vegetation such as berry purples, celery-like greens and eggshell blues, this palette is soft and natural. With an homage to pastels, bring that garden goodness indoors with accent lilac purples. Tone a space with warm and dark greens. Add a couple more pet-friendly house plants to continue the theme. There is a focus on health and growth in these colors and would be great for an eco-conscious, plant-filled flat or any garden spaces.


green leaves




green clover




Brights are back baby! With names such as Minion Yellow, Lime Popsicle, Blue Skydiver, and Green Flash, this color palette demands we put fun and play back into our lives. These flashy colors can either stand alone and pop or fuse together for a kaleidoscope of cool. Pantone's Playful asks us to smile and lean into the creativity of life.  Lots of pet items currently on the market play into this color scheme and can be much more fully integrated into a brightly painted home. Think about accenting that large red cat tree you were gifted several months ago with a high-color rug, couch or painted door. Brightly colored toys and other products now have their time to shine.  


yellow wall with blue window


green cup of coffee on a table


blue table and blue wall




These low-key pastels stand in opposition to the previously mentioned palette. Riding the pastel wave is Discretion. On the subject of this palette, Pantone stated, “Pink has developed more power than ever before.” It is no longer only for the super girly among us. The soothing hues of Elderberry, Burnished Lilac, and Hawthorne Rose can be applied to any family space. These colors go great with vintage touches and create a relaxing bedroom atmosphere. If you've wanted to try out some Pinterest pet DIYs, this is a great shade to paint them! 


living room


pink wall with window



This color palette travels the world and draws inspiration from many different cultures. With a color base of warm, earthy hues such as Ruby Wine, you are sure to feel comforted surrounded by these embracing colors. Rosy tones of varying shades of deep reds are paired with warm tans, mauve and beiges. Think autumn with rust and plum shades. While these colors bring drama it is still understated. If you have a wooden or gold-shaded furniture, consider this palette to revamp you or your pet's bedroom. 




two windows



red wall and door




With metallics dubbed 'the new neutrals', we have gone to gold and silver heaven with this color palette. It holds everything from metallic neutrals to reds and even a hue called Yellow Sulfur. These colors let you add a touch of drama to your usual surroundings. Give your living space a fresh take on luxury with these metallics and other daring hues. Feel free to throw these colors together, shake them up and let the paint chips fall where they may. For Intricacy, the beauty is in the madness. Feel free to spray paint some gold accents onto existing pet furniture or see what accent you can find at your local flea market that can work for you and your pet.




gold chair in corner




Stay Royal! 






Yabozi Royals Pet Bowl